Oppressed? Captive? Illiterate?
Is that what we are?

Looking at the spectrum of how Pakistani women are known and seen world-wide, the majority would agree with the first three words I mentioned, where arises the question…
Is that really what we are ?
Let me take you to an overview of this heading, we are warriors within.
Our women are imaged a lot as oppressed, captive, illiterate and so on… but that is the negative image created by our society and our cultural mind set.
Be it a housewife, driver, teacher, receptionist, accountant, doctor, lawyer, painter, actor, chef, or simply any other occupation, our women will surely be found acing it. This is just a single clearance to our dedication to our families our relations and our nation.
Yes, in our society men rule. Men are the ones who get to decide everything and anything and that surely is part of our cultural preaching.
Yes, we do have to fight for common rights most of the time and yet we’re not given many.
We’re not allowed to fly for our dreams unless we have a supporting male behind us who is ready to see us climb our heights and know our rights and be independent, be it our father, brother, husband, or even teacher.
Some of us get lucky enough and get the chance to view our angles by our own, while some of us suffer as we are dominated by the ‘egoistic heads’ of our homes who wouldn’t mind to say ‘women are meant to be at home that’s what Islam preaches’… which indeed is a false statement and a preaching more of our society than of our religion.
If these egoistic heads are reminded of Khadijah RA, the beloved wife of our Prophet Mohammad SAWS, who was also an intelligent independent well known business woman of her time… the answer you would probably expect is ‘that was a different era, for now it’s not safe for woman to step out alone’
Obviously none of such dominant would agree to the fact that woman are not safe alone because of their own misconceptions and their own ego and anger and uncontrollable lust issues and their wrong portray of a woman as weak.
Guess even after all that why are we warriors ?
As to be a warrior you don’t need to always win a war. You just need to have courage to fight the war.
We fight on a daily basis, we fight our dreams our desires our ambitions and sometimes even our happiness for the sake of our families dreams, for the sake of our partners happiness, for the sake of our family’s respect in our society, for the sake of our so called culture and for the sake of our nation… we sit back alas not to be called weak later, never would they realize we sit back as we’re woman. We qualify in making a nation. Consider it any field, we have always aced our options either by living them up or giving them up.
We are woman, we are warriors within.

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