We Must Save Rain Forests Because Animals Also Deserve To Live


Rainforest is homeland of thousands of animals and plant species but it has been destroyed just for timber, furniture and paper though it’s an vital source of oxygen supply, but this important factor is being neglected just for materialistic things which can be produced by other sources too.
We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide whereas, trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. This is known as carbon-oxygen cycle, if we stopped planting trees and kept cutting trees, there would be more carbon dioxide as in there would be no more consumers to inhale carbon dioxide this will wander as threat to our lives because no oxygen and more carbon means more global warming. It is an carbon trap, which keeps earth warm commonly known as green house effect, it also causes rise in sea level which results in flooding.

Rainforests have million kinds of trees and plants which play the role of helping hand in keeping the planet earth cool as they absorb sun’s heat and keep the surroundings cool upto 5 degrees. Moreover, the water drawn by plants return rapidly to the air as vapours and form clouds causing it to rain and making the surroundings cool.
Rainforests are source of food for humans and animals. We get nuts, fruits, vegetables, pepper, vanilla, cocoa and plenty more. We get 80% of food from the rainforests, 3000 fruits and 7000 medicines have been discovered yet. 70% of cancer treatment is found in plants which are present in rainforest and other 126 prescriptions are also found there. Through research it has been said that in coming few years we would be having 100% cure of cancer. If forests survive.

Plant species which contribute in controlling the climate will become extinct because we lose 137 plant species on daily basis by cutting them. Once world’s land surface covered 14%, now it merely covers 6%. Through research it has been said that remaining 6% would be consumed in less than a 40 years.
Rainforests gives us several pleasures, so now question yourself, which is more profitable cutting trees for materialistic gain and economic gain or saving trees for other crucial purposes. Ratio of cutting the trees could be decreased by using modern technology of recycling paper. Imposing laws against the chopping of trees. Ground also could be gained through recycling and environmental programmes.

By saving the rainforests, you’re saving the whole man kind from all kind of natural calamities. You just need to wait as profit is going to be much greater than the profit from chopping trees.



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