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What Hurts You, Blesses You! ❣

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What would you do to a child who just fumbled, rolled onto the road and hit his knee? Won’t you wipe his tears off, kiss his wound, make him stand again, brush off the dirt until he’s good to go?

You clean up the cuts, put an antiseptic over, wrap it safely in band aids and let it heal, don’t you? YOU LET IT HEAL!
Why being so harsh with yourself then? Put on your band aids and let it heal. Stop touching the wounds. Stop crying over the scars. Scars make you beautiful. Your scars are your story tellers, stop hiding them. Be proud that you have them.
The one who doesn’t fall, doesn’t know how to fly. If there wasn’t any ‘bad’ out there, who would have cared for the ‘good’?
Being hurt is a blessing, it means its still beating inside you. Congratulations, you’re alive! Its the intensity of that pain that makes you return to your Lord and cry out loud. You learn more from a test that you have failed than from the one that you have passed. The people who leave you teach you what’s more important in life and what you have been missing.
So raise your head up, kiss your wound and brush off the dirt!

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