What Is Failure? Let’s Unfold The Myth.


There was a time when you were completely dependent upon the people in your surrounding to fulfill your petty demands. There was a time when you barely move your feet or were afraid to do so. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why were you so afraid to raise your first step alone ? Why were you looking towards others while doing something that is too mainstream for you now i.e., walking.


Beginning of a never ending journey.

The answer is –you-were-afraid. You don’t want to fall back, you feared injury, you feared cries and moaning. but, have you realized that if you didn’t had the courage to took that first time you wouldn’t be enjoying the luxury to walk today.We are afraid of failures just because we aspire perfection, without realizing that even a perfectly carved mold is made by tiny shattered particles of nothingness. We fear to accept the reality that failure is imminent. Have you ever look at the lives of people you inspire. How did they manage to reach to a place they are at right now. Is everyone of  them was born with a silver spoon? No. Did they never face failure in their lives ? No. So, what made them who they are right now? Preserverance.

Preserverance is what you need to stick with, if you desire to convert your adversities into opportunities. Always remember F-A-I-L is not a word to be afraid of in fact it conveys a strong message

  • F= First
  • A= Attempt 
  • I= In
  • L= Learning

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