What is your ‘Chai Personality’



Well a majority of Pakistanis are also #Chaiholics

Designed specially to recognize each one of them with their taste, here’s a little brief out to what their chai says about them.






1. Doodh Patti:-

The most common and widely selected type of chai is simple “Doodh Patti”

As stated, people who tend to have doodh patti are also partly the lazy squad. They tend to prefer using another hand in every possible thing. But they are also part of the sincere squad. They do not stop by just to for a cup of chai, their emotions and their relations are a huge part of their thoughts and their character is of a soft but lazy personality.








2. Elaichi:-

Another widely chosen on the menu chai, is “elaichi wali chai”.

According to the strong taste select, it clearly tells of that individual as a mentally strong and physically active person.

Such people are also the most friendly and the most out going type. If you have a He or Her in that category, just make sure you don’t get to their nerve… yea there’s a little defect of short temper to them !

They are also the most straight forward, courageous, loyal and trustworthy people!

I guess you need an Elaichi wala in your life!!








3. Garam Masala:-

A rarely selected on  the menu chai, is garam masala chai. Mostly it is used as a home remedy for flu, cough etc but some people enjoy it on their daily routine. These types of people are the ‘settled in life’ type of category. Tension, drama, gossips… not their cup of tea. They hate lies and they hate fake emotions !







4. Tea Bag:-

Another not so rare, but rare type of chai is the tea bag chai. They are mostly known as “burger” in this society, who have a very hygienic taste in anything and everything. These group of people tend to be reserved and tend to be more concerned and focused on their aims rather are also partly lazy, but their dreams mean the most to them and when it comes to work.

Its just work! Understand?!







5. Black Tea:-

This type of choice is a very rare format for people in Pakistan. We don’t really do that torture to our chai. Because “chai ka asal pyar to doodh hena” and we actually use it in our romantic flirtarious memes “Tum meri chai ke tarang ho”

(tarang is a sweetened milk used for tea)

So well, these rare type of people tend to be the most modern and high level fashionista type. Tip to toe branded choices and branded attire. They are also known as the classic category. Interested in celebrity gossip, showbiz drama, fashion cycle, and of course, politics! The conserved type of group.


  1. Chaiholic

This is the last and the rarest type of choice. Pure Chaiholics are those who do not have a particular taste in their tea. All they need is TEA. No matter the color or flavor. Its just TEA. And their love is the purest. They are a mixture of all of the above with a little hint of great sense of humor and an adoring nature.


Comment your chai personality and let us know what we have missed down here.  😊

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