What NOT to do before exams !!!


Exam season, and most of you all back benchers must be on the urge to find a miracle magic stick to get you out this time because next time you’ll start studying from day one ?!

Are you not promising yourself that ?

Well at your service, here are a few steps of “What NOT to do before exams”







1. “Deactivate social media accounts”

This is the first ever applied “desi trick” students all around use. But guess what psychology has to say about it ?

Deactivating your accounts is another way of allowing yourself to believe that you are completely dependent on them and if you do not deactivate you won’t have the power to control yourself ! Drop that idea. Because even if you’re the most addicted person on Snap Chat, Twitter, or Facebook, train yourself to manage your time instead of training yourself to “run” from it.







2. Late night studies.

Another common act every student around there does is to go on a study spree for a straight 10-12 hour shift (or even more). And according to your health studies, your late night studies will basically be a waste when it comes to your examination hall. You wont be able to recollect your knowledge and trust me that happens a lot when you know you have studied a certain topic so well, but you do not have the ability to portray it down your paper.
Reason being stated is that staying awake all day night and studying like a master world war, degrades your brain cells and harms your memory. At that moment you think like you’re gaining so much and you feel super smart, but in reality you’re sagging your brains ability to catch.
A good nights sleep is more important than you may have ever thought.






3. Lose Appetite.

When it comes close to exams, students tend to higher their doses of caffeine while completely neglecting food.
A proper diet is a boosting mechanism you need. Leaving yourself hungry due to stress, without realising it, is another way of degrading your health.
Trust me that single sheet of paper will do no good to you if you don’t remain physically and mentally balanced for the future ahead.






4. “one spot position”

What most of the students prefer is to lock themselves in a room and sit on that one chair for the next 24 hours and kill every vibe in themselves allowing stress to overcome.

Alright, we understand that we all have a comfortable spot where we prefer studying, but avoiding interaction, communication, and human tolerance basically will help you boost your stress hormones so much that it will frustrate you and once again lead to the lethargy of your brain.

Get out at moments. Take gaps. Let the positive in and negative out.






5. Overthinking.

Another widely used idea by students is to overthink and help just a little more to ruin the vibe.
We understand you have not really studied the whole term and now you’re at the end results and passing seems like mount Everest… well calm down. Overthinking will just help you stress the conditions and help you ruin even the little amount of positivity you had.
Leave the rest and start focusing on how to rather manage your time and cope up with it. Nothing is impossible as when there is a will there’s surely a way.


So, all students out there. Yes a single sheet of paper will not define your future but your GPA. Do study well but do not stress and do not self neglect. That is the worst you could do to yourself for the sake of a single sheet of paper. Take a chill pill and remember you have a whole lot of life ahead. Stress is just not the right way to lose it.


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