What She Truly Meant By That Smile Of Hers


Her smile had a different meaning for her family. For her mother, it meant a sense of bliss, for her father a sense of provision, and for her brother it meant a sense of a serving hand. Seeing her smile gave her family such joy which was beyond confrontations.

It was the sphere of her smile which detached the dreadful expressions from her father’s face. It was her graceful smile which made her mother forget all her pain and sorrows. And for her brother it meant so many things at the same time, like a shield whenever their father was mad at him, like a well wish, all he had to do was just ask her to convince their parents to fulfill his wish.

After seeing that smile, every cracked cloudy face expression turned into a fabulous tickled expression, she believed that her smile had magic in it. She started believing that her smile was the solution for all her family snags. From changing the dreadful expression of her father’s face, to making her mother’s all strains bounce away, her smile was there. Every time she saw her parents or sibling sad, she just used her magical smile to cast their sadness away in abyss. So, she taught herself, “a smile could change anything.”

And then that misfortune day came in her life, when everything changed perpetually. For her it was just another normal day, she was waiting for her father. Her father had promised her that, he will be bringing her favorite sweets on his way back home from the office. She could not control her sentiments and decided to wait for her father outside her house. While she was standing outside her house, she saw a man gazing at her. The man was standing in the corner of the street. He had an uncomfortable expression on his face.

“The man must be having an awful day, perhaps my enchanted smile will bright his day,” she thought. After thinking this she gave that man a smile. But it had no effect on his expressions, he kept gazing at her with that depressed expression of his. She thought the man must be having a dreadful day. “He needs something more than a smile, perhaps I should comfort him with words”, she thought. Thinking of this she walked towards the man and asked him his name. The man observed her with a chagrin expression but didn’t said anything. She tried to ask him more questions to help him escape that ordeal he was in. After three minutes the man stopped staring at her and started roaming his eyes toward the street. On the opposite side, there was a six-year-old standing, staring at them on the street. After getting a clear depiction of the street, he tucked his hand into his pocket and got a handkerchief out of his pocket. He grabbed the girl by her hand and covered her face with his handkerchief. By the time, she could make a noise, she was tapped to slumber. The six-year-old boy instantly ran toward his home, by the time he reached his home, the girl was abducted.

For two days, her family kept looking for her. There was no place in their city that her family didn’t scavenged, in desperate hope of finding her. For two days, no one in her family ate anything. For two days, no one slept. Finally, on the third day a police officer came to their house and told his father that they have found her. Hearing this her mother roared thoughtlessly towards the door in hope of seeing her daughter. But she wasn’t there…  she asked the officer restlessly of where she was. The officer ignored her and gave her father a pessimism look, and approached, “There’s something I need to show you and you must come alone.” Hearing this her mother lost her patience and started screaming. “I want to see my daughter.” She said in a raging voice. “I want to know where she is, I want to know how she is.” The officer tried to comfort her raging emotions by words but he failed. Her father had never seen her like that, especially he had never seen those raging emotions of hers. After failing to foreshadow her mother’s emotions, her father decided to take her with him to the police station. When they reached there, the officer took them in a room where a dead body covered in a white shroud, was resting. The officer looked at the girl’s father and told him that, he is sorry that they could not save her.

For a few moments, both kept staring at each other, in hope of believing that it could be a nightmare that would end… but sadly it wasn’t. After a few minutes her father finally held domination over his emotions and removed that shred from that dead body. He could not control his emotions, as she lay numb there… and started screaming in an atrocious tune. Her mother however kept staring at her body. Her mother also wanted to scream but she could not, it seemed like she had lost vocal sound after seeing her daughter in an adverse condition.

The police officers had washed her body, just to obscure the blood stacked on it. However, they could not conceal those scars that were given to her. Those scars which were all over her body. Those scars which showed, what kind of brutality had been to her sufferings. Perhaps it was the first time, when her parents were seeing her, without that enchanted smile of her. A smile that she always gave, when they were around her. It seemed like someone had ripped away that smile of hers from her face. The only expression that remained on her face was the one, which showed the adversity of ferity she had to endure before her death.

Her favorite sweets, which her father brought for her on that day, remained un threatened on the table for 16 days. Finally, after 16 days her father accumulated all his strength and decided to throw those sweets away. No one in her family other than him had the suppressive strength to throw it. No one in her family could believe that she was dead. No one could believe that any man can do such monstrosity to an 8-year old girl. Especially to a girl who just tried to ease a man’s pain by her smile. Perhaps the girl was foolish for believing that, the demons around her could be turned into saints just by a smile.

Soon after her death, her whole family developed an aversion to smile. No one in her family could smile the way they used to. After her death, there were three different repentances in the hearts of three assorted people. Her father could not eliminate the remorse by thinking that how many times she would have called his name. how many times she would have thought that her father would come to save her. What barbarity she must had to endure before her death.  Her mother could not eliminate the remorse by thinking that it was her fault. She was the one who told her that smiling is a good deed and it can sometimes help people in easing their agony. And as for her brother he could not eliminate the remorse by thinking that, it was his responsibility to protect her. He should have been there to protect her from that fiend. She was always there to protect him from the fury of their father. She was always there to help him. She was always there to fulfill his all wishes and the only time in life when she needed protection, he wasn’t there to protect her.

Just for the sake of her enchanting smile, for the sake of the innocence of her heart… the little girl did not know that her smile would be the reason to her brutal death. Leaving a beautiful smiling family to the dreadful dreams of reality, they had stopped believing that a smile could ever cause a change. That incident did not just take away her smile, but also the innocence of that faith of a smile her family believed in.

She had left, leaving those 3 people in a guilt they couldn’t ever remorse.

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