Avoid These 6 Things If You Really Want To Enjoy On This EID



Ramadan is a blessing for all. Allah (SWT) has said:

“Fast is for me and I will give its reward”

Eid is a gift for all Muslims and reward for the long hours of fasting. People in different cultures have different ways of celebrating it but there are a few things that are common. Eid is a gift from Allah (SWT) to His people and should be celebrated with full zeal and zest. But sadly we do a few things that should not be done.

They are:

  1. Missing Fajr:

We all get so excited on chaand raat and stay up til late at night and then sleep through fajr. This is the first mistake we make. Instead of being regular on namaz,we end up missing it which is our first defense of the day against shaitan. 

Whole ramadan,we try to be punctual in namaz and this is what ramadan is for;teaching us how to spend the rest of 11 months.


So,don’t miss Fajr on Eid Day!

2. Sleeping in:



Eid should be started early morning but we do is get up around 9 A.M. and miss the charm of Eid. We miss the sun rising and that morning breeze which makes you light headed and energized for the day. By the time we get up,half day is gone and we are flummoxed as to what should we eat. Phenia or dupahar ka khana?

Panic woman waking up late in morning turning off alarm clock. Young girl laying in bed.

Solution is simple: Get up early and enjoy both!

3. Not dressing up:

Some people are just meh when it comes to dressing for Eid for the simple fact that no one is gonna see them or they are not going anywhere. But why??

Image result for not getting ready on eid

Dress up for yourself and enjoy the gift of Allah(SWT) i.e; Eid . It will come after an year. I mean, GET UP and CELEBRATE.

4. Not Removing Grudges:

Eid is the perfect occasion to remove the beef and malice in each other’s hearts. Just staying quiet and not removing the grudges will just make you lose an opportunity to make relations well with each other.

So,use the opportunity,go, say sorry and give a hug!

4. Glued to the phone:

Looking good, taking pictures and then uploading on social media is mandatory and not doing so is too much pressure. But scrolling through facebook , Instagram  and twitter is just the waste of Eid.

Also, going to grand parents house and staying glued to your phone all the time even while eating..we should avoid it and celebrate by eating and spending time with loved ones and pay them attention. For our elders our ATTENTION=RESPECT AND LOVE!

Also, don’t forget to take your Eidi!

WHO AM I KIDDING?? no one forgets that!

5.Not Visiting your Relatives:

It is the key point of Eid to visit your relative who are a little less fortune than you. It is our responsibility to not only visit them but also make them feel better. Eat with them or invite them over because SHARING IS CARING.

Even if they are not financially weak, visit them. Visit your friends and relatives you have not met in a long time.

If you can’t visit, make it a top priority to call them and even those who are far away. Do not just sit at home in front of T.V. or scrolling through social media sites and waste away your Eid.

6. Not Help the Poor:

Like during Ramadan, we should give away something to poor people. It is also their right to feel happy and loved. we don’t need to do huge things and go to great measures. Nothing makes kids happier than a handful of toffees. Even students can do that with their pocket money.

And if you are wealthy, it is your obligation to help the needy. It would be a good idea to buy them the ration for Eid or simply give away the money so that they can spend it according to their needs.

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