What Women Really Look For In A Guy?


“Looks, Looks, Looks!”

No , this is not what women look for in a guy. This is a dialogue from the movie “ Kabhi khushi Kabhi gham” said by Pooja. Oops, I mean Poo.

However, only girls go for a guy with looks only. Looks and financial status come as a bonus. These are the two things that make a girl happy and a woman unsatisfied. But when the girl grows up and evolves into a woman, after several heartbreaks from a good looking guy, they finally understand what they actually need. These things start coming to our mind when we turn eighteen. It is an automatic process. Some women even take earlier than that. the women who take longer probably don’t recognize the damage of having a man with looks and money only. We have been accused of being gold diggers and hoarders of good looking men. And I am going to prove you guys wrong.  The following are the things that women actually look for in a guy.

  1. Someone who loves them more than they love themselves. It’s true. Women need a man who loves them more than the man loves himself. No one likes a narcissist who only cares about his own needs.
  2. Someone who loves them more than the girls love themselves. This one is the most common thing a woman looks for in a man. Not many girls love themselves. They end up loving a man more than they love themselves but in return only get hurt when they find out that the man doesn’t even care enough. Females constantly need to be reminded that they are loved. We notice everything.
  3. Someone who doesn’t make us feel insecure. We have a lot of insecurities that are engraved in us by people we have grown up with our entire lives. Some of them are our own family members. We feel unattractive, fat, clumsy and whatnot which worsen if our own men and partners make us feel even more insecure. Telling her how cute the other girl looks puts us in depression. Making fun of something which you know she is insecure of will definitely make her very upset, especially if you are her bae. Don’t do that even if you are joking.
  4. Someone who is there for her when we are breaking down and doesn’t judge us for it. It is quite normal when girls have breakdowns. Men usually don’t understand what to do. Instead of helping or listening to her, they just stand there staring with a weird face as confused as a deer caught in headlights. The first thing you need to do is to hold her close and tightly so even when you’re not speaking she knows you’re there for her. Second, after she is quiet, ask her if she wants to tell you what happened. If you keep quiet and she doesn’t answer, chances are she will open her mouth herself. Listen to her carefully and relieve her of the stress or the problem. If you can’t do anything about it, just keep listening with your understanding face and tell her you understand.
  5. A man who never gives up on her and makes her feel loved. Even on her worst days she needs to be reminded that you haven’t given up on her. And that you never will. 
  6. Loyalty. I don’t even need to write much on this one. You should know what loyalty is.
  7. A man who shares everything with her. no one wants a man who keeps secrets and is aloof.   

Money and looks always come in the end for a grown up woman.

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