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16 June, 1956… who knew she had given birth to a legend who would lead the nation and awaken the youth of today.

General Raheel Sharif, the 15th Chief of Army Staff Pakistan, a true blessing to our nation and a bold name included to our history now.
This legend who’s been known house from house all over the nation came with a single motive of serving his country with the best of his skills and till date, has stood upright to it.
His word that “fighting Taliban inside the country is more important than focusing on India” clearly has given the youth a review of his least interest in politics and only aim of a better service to the country.
Some of his successful services to our nation include;
 Operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has stabilized much of the North-West Pakistan.
 Development of the brigade level military unit to help protect and secure the China-Pakistan     economic corridor.
 General Sharif also helped to develop Pakistan’s indigenous defense industry which resulted in the savings of more than $1.14 billion of Pakistan’s forex.
 He expanded the role of paramilitaries in Karachi, granting us a safer city of lights.
 And he’s widely credited for reducing terrorism inside the country, in fact under his tenure terrorist attacks across the country have reduced by 70% since 2006.


Definitely with all these appreciated services, General Sharif has been respected and is seen as nothing of less than a hero of Pakistan.

With his retirement today (26 Nov, 2016), let our nation not lose a hero but gain an empowerment towards his single motive and ambition of a Pakistan against violence.

Our threats do not always need to lead to politics, thinking out of the box, our threats are considered to be the daily levels of violence every individual suffers. Let our voice be against that and let us take the pride of General Raheel Sharif to the pride of every Pakistani world wide. Let him not regret for giving his best to this nation rather let him take a peaceful break knowing that the youth has many upcoming heroes to all levels of success, for the common man dream of a better Pakistan, from every little child’s education to every woman’s safety to every rebel against violence and to every voice that is spoken in the direction of right against even the little wrong.
Let this ambition be carried on and let us all serve for the country our ancestors had bled for.
Let this be a farewell to violence and not to a hero who served with his sincere devotion and complete loyalty to the country “General Raheel Sharif”

Alas, let it not be a name just in our newspapers and media services, let it be a name that effected and awoke the nation of peace. The nation of Pakistan.

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