Why Chasing People Is Unhealthy? Read More


WE are all the same inside. We love, we hate, we cheat, we break other precious hearts trying to win that one heart, we give all of ourselves to someone who isn’t willing to give us a little bit of themselves. And I guess the worst part is that we in our dilemma break other hearts, unintentionally. Just for that ONE person who wont check on you. Aren’t we human beings the most cruel ones. We care for the ones who ignore us, ignore the ones who truly and genuinely care for us. Chasing that one person who is chasing someone else while we ignore the one who chase us. Why do we do that? Why everyone does that?

The answer is here. Well according to me and my experience at least. I know some of you will agree and relate to it as well.

We will always chase the person who is least interested in us. Because there’s always attraction in things you can’t have. We will not give a damn about that person who love us insanely, because we already have their love. We don’t have to chase it. We don’t have to struggle to get their attention it’s all ours, we don’t have to earn it, we HAVE it. There’s no pain in being loved. There’s no attraction in the things you already have. When we chase someone else’s love we go through all of the pain, the struggles, the rejection and mostly the mountain of expectations we have build in our own imaginary world which destroy us. We see attraction in the things we can’t have. We humans can reject a person but when we get rejected we make it a big deal. We cry. Some of us merely cry alone while the rest of us scream and most of us tell it to the world how one person we loved insanely broke our heart. How we gave every thing we could to them and how they won’t care. Totally ignoring the fact we ourselves rejected the one who loved us with all their heart. We don’t tell about the heart we broke. We don’t tell how we are the reason of someone’s miserable life. Why? Because, we humans, are selfish. We are called the noblest of all the creatures but we are the most selfish of all.

The day we start to love the ones who love us, the day we stop chasing someone who is never going to be ours, the day we just care about other people’s feelings, the day we start to care for the ones who deserve every drop of our attention will be the day when we will get rid of all the pain, the torment, the stress and every little problem. The day we start to care for the ones who love us will be the day that will mark our eternal happiness.

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