Every girl wants someone distinct in her life. Someone who she can trust. Someone with whom, she can share her all secrets… someone who can make her feel special. Sadly, some girls take this voyage of finding someone special to an elevation, where they utterly shatter the purity of their soul. Sometimes their antecedent quest of the past, for finding someone special ruins their future too. As we know that, before the beginning of every storm there is a clement weather. Same goes for the voyage of girls, who dishonor themselves in the name of love.

For most girls, this voyage of repentance’s, begins with the revelation of love. A revelation in which the boy pronounces his love to the girl, by calling her the utmost beautiful creation of God that he has ever seen. He gives her reasons to believe that she is special and for him she is the reason worth living for. Most of the times, the boy shows his love by screening incentive vanity in her beauty. Praising her attributes is another stratagem, by which the boy molds the girl to feel distinct. Finally, when the boy thinks that he has made a blemish deep inside the girl’s heart, he starts making unscrupulous demands. At first these demands seems to be righteous, like a picture or a hug…… “what harm can a picture or hug bring?” thinks the girl. Then after this, all these demands start becoming nefarious. Most of these demands turns from humble images to nude images in no illustration.

At first, the boy asks for starker images or so called nudes in a sarcastic or gentle tune. His reason for asking, for the nudes is mostly the temptation of love. Most girls never comprehend that, it’s the temptation of lust for her body that he has in his heart…… not love. Even if the girl refuses to be part of this promiscuous relation, the boy then uses emotions as his weapon. No matter how much she resists his temptation, he will use every mean to fulfill his unchaste desires. The last weapons that most boys use, is denoted as intimidation ploy. In this ploy, he tells the girl that how much he loves her, he wants to marry her, and all those things that he would do for her if she agrees to let go her honor and send him those nude images that he needs to fulfill his conspicuous desires. The most ignoramus and dimwit girls are those who think that after receiving those nudes, the boy will marry her and this is the point where the storm begins after the clement climate that the boy had created. Ninety percent of the times, the boy shares those nude images of the girl with his friends. It’s just another way for the boy to show his friends that, how splendid he is when it comes to debauching the girls, for sending their nudes. In short, it’s the best way for him to earn the title of playboy among his friends.

Now imagine what if the boy becomes penurious? Doesn’t have enough income to sustain his lifestyle. Then there are high chances that he might use those pictures as a mean, to get money from you. This thing is happening all over the world, where girls are being blackmailed by someone whom they once asserted to be meritorious. However, the girl must send the money at all cost, if she truly wants to preserve her integrity and family name. If the girl is somehow unable to arrange the money for the requested ransom; then the boy might upload those images of her or he might ask her to perform an unchaste act with someone who would pay him money for that. In this type of scenario most girls prefer suicide over facing the ruination they brought on their name……

Most imperative thing that girls don’t realize is that, the boy who is beseeching so much to see her body, for the sake of love, has only been in her life for a minuscules time. While her family has been in her life for a prolonged time. Her parents were there when she took her first step, her parents were there when she fell sick for the first time in her life. Those dimwit girls don’t understand that, their families were always there for helping them in their time of desolation and bleakness. Still how fool these girls are to seek love from someone who is just luring for their body rather than for their soul.

Another impeccable thing that girl needs to understand, is the imagination of this society. According to the imagination of this society, her honor is directly aligned to that of her parents. It’s all because the society believes that it’s her parents responsibility to teach her moral values. And if she does something immoral then it exclusively means that, her parents did not perform their job properly. That is the main reason why whenever a girl does something immoral, the society will blame her parents for that immoral act. Society would never blame her for the transgression she committed in the name of love.

Every girl needs to understand that her past will clearly define her future when it comes to nuptial life. No matter how much she tries to ignore her concupiscence past, which she had with someone who was supposed to marry her, it will at some point in her life ruin her marriage. It’s always up to the girl to give a man; a reason to respect her. And Allah has made every girl special and it’s her job to maintain that specialty in her soul. The most outrageous thing, that girls need to understand is that, whenever a boy receives nude images from you, he would start thinking of you as a mere object to fulfill his lusty desires. There are high chances that he might think of you as an achieved trophy; after getting his concupiscence desires fulfilled from you. We all know what happens, when we achieve a trophy. Our fascination towards it decreases after achieving it and it might not fascinate us, as it used to do before.

The biggest problem in our society is that we complicate love with lust. In our society, we clearly have made lust more equivalent to love and our definition of love has purely become the definition of lust. We never clearly depicted a line between these two-different ethos. This is the main reason why we are suffering a lot when it comes to guiding our youngsters. We have apparently failed to teach them of how it is more important to be self-dependent than to wish for another half and a luxurious love life. We have failed to teach them the means of individuality and to the failure of this generation, we could blame technology and science while the truth is that somehow it has also been our fault as it is us who have built up this society and this mindset of a “Perfect Relationship Goal”.

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