Why Monday Is The Worst Day Of The Week & People Hate It.


Who would like to wake up early & go to work after a happy, relaxing & thrilling weekend? Everyone waits for the Friday to kick start the weekend, then it comes Saturday when the party begins & then Sunday which is mostly utilized for outings or just Sleep!



We asked many people that why they hate Mondays so much & the answers were so right.


1. It’s the Beginning of a new Torment.

Monday is the start of work, school & of course as usual household course. People wonder how would these working days suck when they can’t even tolerate the first day, Monday.


2. Monday is way longer than other days of week & Sunday is shortest one as we observe.

Monday never passes away in a while, it’s a Looooooong Day! When you see the time it’s 10:00 am, it would be just 10:05am even when you spend like half an hour working hard. It would be counted just 5 mins.




3. Mornings are Sick.

You don’t actually know what you’ve to wear, what you’ve for breakfast, your coffee/tea would never help you stay awake brightly whole day. As much you take, as much you’ll wonder why I’m still down.



4. Lack of Sleep.

Sleeping late at night & waking up at 6 in the morning, it’s like walking with closed eyes on the road. You’ll just crave for sleep, literally.



5. Boss always plays role in this painful situation.

Adding fuel to the fire! Same task every Boss does. You’re already out of mind & Boss piles up huge work for you to complete & you won’t be going home until it’s done.






6. A day full of Excuses.

Very random, very lame & very unusual excuses we make when we get late or can’t do something properly. Actually our mind & heart both don’t cooperate that is why we feel absent even being in a crowd.





7. Getting out of bed is huge struggle.

The bed acts like a magnet at that moment & there you realize your actual love of life is just your Bed.





How do you relate your Monday? Comment your Monday stories in the box.

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