Why there should be a Season 2 for 13 Reasons Why


1) No one knows what happened to Alex.

Alex’s curious suicide attempt has been the most irritating thing to the viewers. We dont know why did he attempt suicide. Will he survive or no?  No one knows.

2) Will Bryce get what he deserves.

We all wanted to see ‘Bryce the Rapist’ get what he deserved. But in the last episode everything was just so incomplete.

3) Hannah’s parent’s reaction after hearing the tapes.

In the last episode Tony gave Baker’s the copy of Hannah’s tapes. However, we don’t know what did they do after hearing the tapes. Will they file a case against Bryce? Mr. Porter? Again, so incomplete.

4) Jessica tells her father about what Bryce did to her.

In the last episode we see Jessica sobbing in front of her father. She told what Bryce did to him. But we don’t know her father’s reaction after he gets to know about Bryce.

5) Where will Justin Foley Go?
At the end we see Justin throwing mountains of realities on Bryce. But no one knows where poor Justin will go after facing her mother’s and Jessica’s rejection.

6) Mr. Porter’s Job.

As a counsellor of school and the fact Hannah came to Mr. Porter (as he was her last hope) and tells him everything happened to her and she clearly said she wants the LIFE to END. But Mr. Porter does nothing. Now that everyone knows about the tape we don’t know what happens to him.

7) Who was on the Ambulance?

We frmly believe that the person in the ambulance had brown hair, not bleached like Alex has. So who was in the ambulance? Some think that it was Justin. The last we saw, he had a gun and was acting very irrationally. I guess the only way to confirm this is for Netflix to give us a second season!

8) What is Tyler upto?

We all saw tyler hiding guns and other stuff in a suitcase. Which is a mystery to each one of us. What could have been the reason? We all need a second season. Also, at the end we see Tyler taking Alex’s photo down. Did he shoot Alex? He didn’t.

9) In the original novel, Hannah had an alternate life.

For those who read Jay’s novel must know that there was an alternate part in the novel where Hannah was alive.

10) The time stamp on the video recordings.

November, 2017 was the date when they recorded and since the series released in marcg 2017. People have theories that maybe second season would take place.

11) We all have questions.

And we all want answers.

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