Women in Lahore have gone crazy over a Lawn Sale


Summer has already started raising the heat everywhere especially in the minds of ladies. It’s just same like they heard someone saying “Sale!” and they started running madly asking, “Where? Where?” This is the same thing going on with women in Lahore as recently some famous brand has announced a big sale on their latest Lawn designs and ladies ain’t getting chill.


We better know how ladies get out of control when they get to know about any discount offer on high brands. We saw them quarreling, rushing and pulling each other in a much misbehaving way.



Since this morning, women in gigantic queue are seen standing in this profound temperature like each piece of cloth is being distributed free to them. Yes, same I’m thinking right now that, Is this an easy thing to do while women complain about literally everything finding them hard to do? ROFL! Pakistani women can do anything to buy best clothes in a low price and that’s how they prove their “Kifayat Shaari” skills.


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