The yearning soul has returned.


We have indeed sent down signs that make things manifest: and Allah guides whom He wills to a way that is straight” (24:46 Quran)

A great example, a living inspiration, who left the temporary life today (7 December, 2016) to get to the world he was working for. Junaid Jamshed.
A true inspiration to mankind and a role model for the youth today.

Why do I name a singer as a lively inspiration? Or why have I mentioned a Quranic verse before talking about a singer?
Well, not just a singer, Junaid Jamshed was an engineer, a Pakistani recording artist, a television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor as well as the owner of J. ( Jay Dot ). He had his recognition in the music industry ever since the release of the album “Vital Signs 1” that included his super hit “Dil Dil Pakistan” which is still a memorized anthem of every child to adult.
He had the life of luxury, fame, money, a healthy family status… what not?
He knew that giving up on his life would cost him a lot but he didn’t fear people rather feared the One and Only, Lord of the Universe.

Ask yourself a question, is your faith that high that being on such a
position you would give it all up for Allah ?

He did ! The reason why today we consider him as an inspiration. Even though he was a sinner, unlike us all, he believed in Allah’s mercy. He believed that one day he had to return to the Most High, the Almighty and that this fame or this money wouldn’t save him there. The people screaming and applauding by him wouldn’t stand by him on the day of Resurrection when everything would be in the commands of Allah. He knew it, he realized it. And it’s never to late to repent, to change.
He did lose fame. He probably did lose a great way of income. But Allah doesn’t leave His believers alone ever. So instead, he became an inspiration for the Muslim community.
Not only that he changed himself, he got up and lightened the right path for many. He worked on himself and he preached with all determination.
He went for preaching journeys (tableegh), he did Ramadan tv shows and he used media for a better program this time. He used his voice in beautiful nasheed recitations soothing many hearts. In all means, he created steps towards the right path.
Who was the inspiration to Junaid Jamshed himself? How did he take the courage to such a big change in a such a little amount of time?
Ever heard the phrase “ you are recognized by your company” ?
In this phase of sacrifice and change, Junaish Jamshed sat amongst a great friendship of the well known Maulana Tariq Jameel, who had also been of great emotional support to him. He had his great valued time with Waseem Badami, professionally his co host, and personally a friend who was inspired by him and became and encouragement for him to keep firm on his path of light as he was lightening the way for others as well.
To the list there are yet many names to count on… from some he gained reason to wisdom, while to many he gave a reason to wisdom.

He might have lost a good career opportunity even when it was one of his greatest passion, he gave it up for the sake of Allah. And surely Allah blessed him in this world with a reputation much better and valued.
Today he’s not remembered as a singer but as an inspirational muslim. What’s better respect than that ?

Our desires are not always the desires that please Allah, but our desires have always been the selfish and self soothing amusements of life. We never take in concern the fact that this life is temporary and that there surely is a day we have to return to Him. We consider ourself sinners but we don’t feel ashamed of it neither do we get scared of hell fire as we are so busy making our souls happy, we’ve lost our locus from every attire.
We acknowledge everything and we talk about Allah knowing everything, but when there’s no sincerity in our hearts, how do we accept our Lord to leave us at peace. Today we search for peace and search for true happiness not realizing the fact that our souls ask for the Creator, not the creation.
Allah guides the ones who will for it, yes! When there’s no will there certainly is no way.

Junaid Jamshed left us leaving an inspirative life time to look forward to and learn from.
From a preaching journey, to his Creator, the soul has returned.
May he be blessed with what he worked for and may we all consider the lesson he has left us to learn for. Ameen !

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