You’re “Friendship Goals” if You Survived These Situations.


Spending the most vulnerable days of your school/college life with your friends, there are some facts that would have irritated you or just caught your nerve.

We’ve written down some situations that are commonly faced. How many of them have you been through ?








1. They will never ask you before using your stuff and in fact claim it to be theirs once you confront them.

2. If you’re the short one, they’ll slap you every now and then since “yar tu itna chota kyu hai. Marne mai maza ata hai phir”

3. Food? Don’t worry that’s not yours anyways.






4. Your dad bought you a car? You’re now my personal driver 

5. Iphone ? You’re the camera man of the squad.
“yar ghar jate pictures bhej dena, bhai ko dp change krni hai ;)”







6. You got a wallet there ? Oh well, you’re giving us a treat so why not invite our gfs as well.
“yar tu bhai nai ? Bhar deyga na pese? Shabash!”

7. Your mother taunts you with their name explaining how great they are and how much respect they give, but its only you who knows actually how “beghairat” they are.

8. Group Project ? You’ll be dealing with it alone and adding their names at the last slide cause “yar bhai nai?”






9. New perfume? You’ll watch it evaporate as every single one of the squad showers with it.

10. Got into a relationship ? Look at how everyone turns into a love guru giving you advises, or rather tempting you towards a breakup?!

11. You’re sick? They’ll upload their status mentioning how much they care for you but wouldn’t show up at the hospital unless you’re extremely ill, so they’ll just show up to have some selfies to be uploaded as well.







Can you relate to these situations ? Well, if you have been through these with patience, trust me you’ve got all the awards of being a “best friend”.

Besides, there isn’t any relation as pure as friendship, so tag your loveable’s and cheers to being FRIENDS 😀

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed out stuff here. 😉

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