Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You What Kind Of Desi Food You Actually Are


You must have atleast once read about your traits according to your zodiac sign but hardly anyone of you have related yourself with a food item according to your astrological signs.

Reading and knowing about your zodiac is something you always enjoy. Most of the times, the zodiac thing proves to be right and at times it turns out to be total false.

Some find zodiac facts interesting and relatable while some regard them as total crap. Some believe it totally, some take it as just fun while some really hate reading the zodiac facts.

We have also created some zodiac facts and being total foodie we related them with food. For the love of food, go through these fun facts and get to know whether you are a biryani or a nihari.

1. Capricorn – Safaid Chawal

Zodiac sign

Capricorns are totally Saday Safaid Chawal. The reason behind this relatablility is Capricorns are as simple and straight as Safaid Chawal. No hypocrisy, no sugarcoating and no double standards, Caps are as clear as the white colour of these Safaid Chawal.

2. Aquarius – Zarda

Zodiac sign-

Being sweet and delight to eyes, people with Aquarias zodiac sign are no different from any Zarda. They are sweetest persons and can be as easy to deal with as smoothly a Zarda is being made.

3. Pisces – Jalebi

Zodiac sign

Pisces persons are total Jalebis because of the tough time they give to others. Either it’s their sense of humour or coping with an issue, Pisces are as hard to deal with as toughly a Jalebi is made. But at the end it’s all worth of it as eating Jalebi is a total bliss after its being made and then served.

4. Aries – Biryani

Zodiac sign

Being most of the time enraged and irked, Aries are exactly a Spicy Biryani. Aries are as hot as biryani and only calm people can tolerate them just like a Spicy Biryani can only be eaten with a cold drink.

5. Taurus – Gobi

Zodiac sign

This zodiac sign is just like Gobi as this vegetable is flower in itself; Taurians are also simple, easy and just like a flower but be careful as this flower is different from other flowers. It won’t give you any fragrance but can give you good taste (nice behaviour) if you follow their rules.

6. Gemini – Anday Wala Burger

Zodiac sign

Geminis are totally Anday Wala Burger as this burger is a definition of having fun in cheap even. Geminis are just like that too. They just know how to do fun in every situation and don’t care about fancy things much. To them, fun, good vibes and happiness is more important.

7. Cancer – Barfi

Zodiac sign

People with Cancer as their zodiac sign are totally a Barfi; cute, adorable and loving. Being Barfi is not only being Ranbir Kapoor but Cancerians can be Barfi too.

8. Leo – Gol Gappay

Zodiac sign

Leos are true Gol Gappay because these are kind of tricky people just like Gol Gappy are; sweet but spicy, chilly but sugary. This is how a Leo is.

9. Virgo – Haleem

Zodiac sign

Virgos are totally Haleem because they are the most complicated people ever just like Haleem is most complicated dish to be made. It’s easy to have Haleem but not everyone can digest it. Same is the case with Virgos; it’s easy to talk with them but totally not easy to deal with them and tolerate them. But one who digests Haleem is a lucky bro, just like the one who gets into Virgos’ heart is fortunate.

10. Libra – Halwa Poori

Zodiac sign

Libras are no different from Halwa Poori because they are as straight forward as simple the Halwa Poori is and as gentle as this sweetness is, when eaten.

11. Scorpio – Pakoray

Zodiac sign

Being strong willed and mysterious, Scorpio-born is just like a Pakora which knows how to come in limelight as any other Scorpio person knows.

12. Sagittarius – Mixed Daal

Zodiac sign

Being energetic and philosophical, Sagi persons are all like mixed daal which gives us enough protein to be as enthusiastic as a Sagittarius-born is.

Note: All the above mentioned points are just created for fun and have nothing to do with reality. These zodiac traits are just related with food by the writer for creating an enjoyable article.

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