Are Your Zodiac Signs Compatible?


This is for all the astrology fanatics out there.

When in a relationship, one always looks for stability and for stability you need compatibility.

We all go through various sites doing Quizzes, taking tests and even Reading what our partner’s zodiac sign has to say.

Yes we all do crazy things in love.

Therefore this article is about:

Which 10 Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible As Pairs.

  • Aries vs Taurus:
    Aries are bold, passionate and very strong-willed just as Taurians are stubborn and headstrong. There will be a number of issues that can arise due to these similar traits but the main issue that they might face will be the lack of compromise since neither of them will budge from their place once they set their mind on. Aries are people who do not give or want explanations, on the other hand Taureans are all for minute details and comprehensive explanations.
  • Taurus vs Sagittarius:
    Taurus and Sagittarius are complete opposites of each other. While Taurus loves to enjoy quiet evenings, Sagittarius prefers going out to have fun. Sagittarius is full of life and energy as compared to Taurus who is calm and quiet. 
  • Gemini vs Capricorn:
    Geminis are known to be spontaneous and fun-loving which is the totally opposite of Capricorn, who are practical, likes to plan things, workaholic and lack spontaneity. Pairing these two together will only create chaos.
  • Cancer vs Aquarius:
    Aquarius is very free-spirited and has a habit to correct people’s mistakes and since cancer is independent it cannot tolerate this. The pair will not be able to view things with the same perspective.
  • Leo vs Scorpio:
    It’s an undeniable fact that Leos need praise and flattery to be happy but it is not something you can get out of a Scorpio. Scorpio gets jealous very easily and will not bow down in front of a Leo. 
  • Virgo vs Sagittarius:
    When it comes to these two commitment is a huge issue. On one hand, Virgos are all for perfection and details while on the other Sagittarius are way too carefree to pay attention to the details. Virgos will never accept such careless behavior. 
  • Libra vs Virgo:
    Virgos are uptight perfectionists who will not tolerate or accept being wrong at any cost. They will continuously find fault with their partner and this will demoralize Libra.  
  • Scorpio vs Aries:
    Put these two together and you will get a full on dramatic, intense and explosive relationship. Other than that, these two controlling and strong willed people cannot survive together. 
  • Pisces vs Virgo:
    Since Virgos are practical and Perfectionist and Pisces are dreamy and sensitive they are completely opposite. Hence they will clash one way or another. These two can be good friends but do not think anything more. 
  • Gemini vs Cancer:
    They are not as worst of the couples but would still require lot of effort to work. Cancer are homebodies and Gemini are party animals but if they can treat each other with a little understanding and patience, it can definitely work. 

So here you go.

Now you can see if you are your partner are compatible or not.

And even if this tells you aren’t compatible and you think you can fight for the relationship you both have going on then you surely know what issues to work on and create understanding about.

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